Monday, August 20, 2012

Cupid Strikes!


One of our working men is in LOVE!

Beau has a girlfriend.....her name is Tilly.

Beau is our best working dog on the farm. He is good at everything! 
He is nice and steady in the paddock, and very handy in the yards.
 Beau is 10 years old. That is pretty old for a hard working dog. 
Sheep can be alot of work on a farm, and good dogs are very helpful. BUT very hard to find!
Dad says,....." Beau is worth a few good men!"

Beau's girlfriend is just visiting for a few days.
 Her owner wants some puppies and would really like Beau to be the Dad!
 So Beau and Tilly are living together for a little while.


Maybe in 5 months time Tilly and Beau will be parents....we will have to wait and see?

I would love a puppy!

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