Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Lookout Lambkins!"

A new day,

 a winters day

and the first day of the school holidays!

Finally all the lambs on the farm have been mustered into the sheepyards.
And all of them have been picked up and given their needles and had a few other operations carried out!
All 2358 of them!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE....there are still six lambs left to go.....
Time for Decker, Squirt, Mrs Brown, Racer, Rocket and Coco to visit the surgery.

My lambs are very cheeky, they wander around everywhere....even in Mum's garden!
Cheeky lambs!

We have to trick them.....first all we will give them their milk.... 

They sure do drink fast......now for the operations.....first the needles

Decker you are first1

That wasn't so bad....
oops.....they are a bit sore. 
BUT it is for the best in the long run!


  1. Hi Kaitlyn We like your lamb feeder. Who was the clever one to make that? Dad or Mum or was it you? Kev and Therese

  2. Ooooh poor little guys! I'm sure you were gentle. Great phtots. I hope you are all happy and well. :-) Will, Kaz, Hugh


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