Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to the Boards!

Well the school holidays are almost over....
and they have been jam packed with plenty of farm work.

I have been mustering with Dad and Bear. 
The shearers are coming this week and so is the rain, so we need to get them to the shed.

Beautiful day for a stroll....

Nearly there...

Sheep work today...crutching the one year old sheep.
It has rained overnight but the sheep are all dry as they have been tucked up in the shed.

The three shearers arrive early and have started at 7.30am. 
There are 1100 sheep to crutch today.

So it is heads down and bottoms up.

All finished by 3 o'clock. The shearers leave for home.

We still have plenty of work to do, the sheep are going to be vaccinated.
And some of them have to be drenched.
So out to the yards!

1 comment:

  1. I think you will be a farmer when you grow up – you are nearly one now.


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