Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cycle of Life!

Just as I grow up and get bigger and stronger, so to do all the babies born on the farm.

The ewes have done all they can for the lambs and their milk is starting to dry up.
The winter feed is short and the lambs need more food to keep growing.
The decision is made.....
It is time for all the lambs to be weaned from the ewes.

Dad says it will be better for both the ewe and the lamb.
The lambs receive a booster needle for diseases and a drench for worms. 
They also get a purple eartag, a bit like an ear ring for sheep!

Checking whether they remembered to clean their teeth this morning!

They will get a fresh pasture paddock to eat and a feeder of grain....
what more would a sheep want!


The ewes will return to the paddock and rest. They will be sad for a little while.
BUT they get to have another baby next year.

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