Monday, July 9, 2012

Cow OR Duck?

Not long now...2 weeks to go, and the baby calves will begin to arrive.

All the cows have been to the yards to receive a needle.
It will protect both them and their baby calf from lots of different diseases. 
Pulpy Kidney, tetanus, black leg disease and leptospirosis...
WOW...that is a mouthful of words!

The cows have very big tummies, and they waddle along like ducks.

On the way to their new paddock they walked through a dam....
maybe they think they are DUCKS?

The weatherman says that there is big rain coming this week, 
so time to get busy while the weather is nice.

The weaner cattle are back in the yards to be drafted into boys and girls.

My mates are going with them, Clover, Queenie, Stinky, Stella, Freckles and Curly.
I am not sure whether they like their new friends?
See you all later... I will miss you!

Clover and his new friends

They will not be back for sometime now, time for them to grow up bigger.

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