Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Working Men

Everybody on the farm works hard, BUT no-one works harder than the boys! We have four working dogs, Beau, Bear, Boy and Kirk. 

the working men!

Beau is a kelpie and is 9 years old, he is our best sheep musterer. Dad calls him an allrounder, which means he is good in the sheep yards and good in the paddock. He always takes the sheep nice and steady. Dad says he is worth lots of money and we couldn't do without him.


Bear is a long haired border collie and he is 5 years old. He is a bit crazy, and hairy. Bear is also a good dog, he is very clever at catching sheep, especially fly blown ones. He is very fast. In the summer he sometimes gets very hot. I think he needs a visit to the hairdresser.  

Boy, is also a kelpie and he is 2 years old. He is very friendly. He is actually meant to be PopPop's dog, Dad is trying to train him. He is going OK but still needs some work. Today he learnt to jump, which helps when he needs to get on the motorbike and ute, he is a bit heavy to lift all the time!

AND then there is Kirk, my favourite. Kirk is only a pup, he will turn one in the winter. I am going to give him a bone for his birthday. He is a kelpie, a very good looking dog and Dad says he has good eyes. I just love him, he was just a baby when we got him. I loved playing with him, now he is bigger and not so interested in playing hide and seek!

The dogs ride on the back of the motorbike or the ute until we get to the right paddock and then Dad whistles and calls to them, so they know what to do. I am learning to whistle, it is very hard. Beau listens to me, but somehow I think Beau always knows just what to do.
Each dog has his own kennel, PopPop built them all. Every night the dogs need to be fed and their water needs to be checked. They eat dog biscuits and sometimes they get meat. I like to help feed the dogs.

"there you go Kirk....dinnertime"


  1. Your 'workmen' are great KT, I wish we had a dog as good as yours on our farm. We used to have a red kelpie called Ally.

  2. Hello KT,

    We are the new OWLS. we like your dogs and think they are very clever. Our dogs cant ride motor bikes or catch sheep!

    Today we learnt the sign language sign for dog (you have to tap your leg with your hand).

    Do your dogs eat lots of food? We were wondering if you will have a party for Kirk when he is one? Can your dogs fetch? Are the dogs well behaved? What do the sheep eat?

    Love the OWLS xxx

  3. Hello New Owls....lovely to meet you

    Our dogs are fed everyday, they love dog biscuits. You would think they might get sick of them everyday. Sometimes for a treat they get an egg or two, it makes their coat lovely and shiney. Kirk is 1/1/2 now, the dogs don't have parties. Kirk has been sick recently, so sick we thought he might die BUT he seems to have recovered. I wish my dogs could fetch, I have tried to teach Beau to fetch but he did not get it at all.

    Our sheep eat grass and at the moment we have heaps of grass. Sometimes they eat grains, oats and triticale. The sheep like short grass.


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