Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Short Front and Back

Dad and Mum have been really busy today, three men came to crutch the ewes.

Sheep are funny animals really....did you know that they can't wipe their own bottoms!

Dad says sheep make us money everyday...they also cost money. Most of the sheep we have on our farm are bred for their wool, and wool grows everyday.

The ewes are due to have their baby lambs in 4 weeks, so today the shearers took off the wool from around their head (called a wig) so they can see and cleaned up around their bottoms.

Dad also gave every ewe a needle, it helps protect the ewe and her baby from diseases. goes the needle!

More medicine Dad?

The ewes need lots of feed now as their babies are growing bigger everyday. The ewes need to stay strong and healthy, so they are the best mothers they can be.

Back to a new paddock and now we wait. I can't wait really, I LOVE baby lambs they are so adorable, maybe I will get a new pet....Mum says we will wait and see!

1 comment:

  1. Love the video of click go the shears!
    It's one of my favourite songs!


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