Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet the Girls

I thought it was meant to be autumn, the leaves on the trees are changing colours BUT it feels alot more like winter to me.

Not many jobs have got done this week, it keeps raining! Dad says it is too wet to sow more seeds and too wet to spread fertiliser, so he has been working in the shed. I sometimes help in the shed, but it is too cold today!

So I have been poking about in the garden with Mum. I picked an enormous watermelon this week, it was so big I couldn't even lift it, I had to roll it like a bowling ball.

So wet.... I have been doing a bit of cooking, Mum has a garden full of herbs. We made meatballs and I helped alot,  I stirred and rolled the mixture and picked the oregano to put on the top. Dad was really surprised, he says I could be a chef when I grow up big.

I think the chooks are the only ones that have enjoyed the wet week, lots of grubs to find. The chooks help keep the grubs out of the garden they are very good at finding them, and they fertilise the garden as they go. I have 3 chooks, Bundle Silky and Treefox.

Silky, Treefox and Bundle the brown one!

The girls lay one or two eggs a day, I collect them everyday. Eggs are so yummy, I love boiled eggs with toasted soliders.

My girls are not really good at laying eggs BUT they do look pretty.

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