Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sowing the Seeds

It rained yesterday and now it is time to plant the seeds, to grow some grass, to feed the animals in the winter.

Mum and I helped Dad get all the things he needs to the paddock, we had to give the motorbike a piggyback on the ute so we didn't have to walk home! And best of all, the girls got to go in the tractor!

Dad is starting to plant oats today, the oat seeds need the soil to be moist and warm to grow.
Oat seeds ready to plant!
Dad has prepared the soil and now he is using the combine to drop the seed and the fertiliser into the soil.
oats in this one................... fertiliser in this one

this is where the seed goes down...a bit like a slippery dip!

Harrows follow the combine and they cover the seed with soil, then a roller follows the harrows to help lock the moisture in.

it is a very long load!!!
 In a few days this paddock will be green with oats....
that's if those naughty rabbits leave it alone!

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