Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Farmer to Fireman.

Not alot has been happening on the farm during the hot, hot weather.
We have been in lockdown. Trying to limit the use of anything that may start a fire.
That includes all machinery even the motorbikes and farm utes.

The days have been extremely hot and the wind just never stops!

 We had been lucky most of the week UNTIL....Saturday...when FIRE!

Dad is a member of our volunteer fire brigade....so he was called up.

Dad grabbed his fire gear and he was gone quick as a flash!

The fire was about 10 kilometres from our farm, but we were told to watch and act.

The wind is so strong and gusty it could take a fire anywhere!

Dad said that there were hundreds of fire fighters on the ground fighting the fire. 
A grader and bulldozer were also busy pushing up tracks to form a firebreak to try and stop the fire.
There were planes and helicopters dropping water on the fire too.


The fire burnt 435 hectares and sadly a few sheep and cattle were caught in the fire.
There have been some terrible fires this summer.
Everything is so dry. 
There is more hot weather forecast this week followed by some storms. 

Fingers crossed we stay lucky.

And hopefully very soon we get some rain to cool things down!

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