Monday, June 11, 2012

What a Weekend!... FarmDay...

FarmDay...and our visiting family came from Canberra.

A Mum and Dad and two girls, they were really great fun!

They had never been to a farm in their life and thought everything was amazing.
 Especially the animals, and they weren't even scared of them.

The weather was not very nice but that didn't stop us................
rugged up in jackets and gumboots and an umbrella each, we were off.

We fed the pet lambs, 

fed the pet calves, collected the eggs.

 Mustered up some sheep with Beau and had a look at the baby lambs in the paddocks.

Dad shore a sheep and crutched a few and I told the girls all about the wool we grow.

We fed the bulls some hay in Henry... they loved Henry!

I had the best time...."I wish FarmDay was every weekend!"

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  1. Thanks to KT and the rest of the family for such a wonderful weekend. We loved it. :-)


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