Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sun, Dirt & Water + Fertiliser = Healthy Plants

The ewes are eating lots of oats....the silos are emptying fast!
We need to sow more oats to fill the silos at harvest time.

Seeds need sun, dirt and water to grow.
We add another ingredient to boost them along......fertiliser.

It comes in really big bags, you need a loader to move them about because they are really heavy. This bag is worth about $750.00.
I would not like to carry it home from the shops!

Come ON Muscles!

need a bit more horsepower

PopPop says when he was younger the fertiliser came in little bags and they lifted it by hand. PopPop must have been really strong then.
Today we have lots of machines to make lifting easier. It will save our backs and bodies.

oats in the left and fertiliser in the right
All loaded up and ready to go.........

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  1. Hi KT, loving seeing the tractor in action. What a good back saving idea! From Xavi xx


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