Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dinner is Served!

Beautiful autumn weather, cool mornings and warm sunny days!

Perfect weather for lambing. Baby lambs are due to arrive on the 11th of April.

I can't wait!

The ewes are getting bigger and bigger, they need lots of energy now.

Dad is serving them up oats and lime, trying to keep them strong.
 Ready for the arrival of their babies.

in it looks like they are enjoying the blocks I gave them....

this is where the ewes nibble up the oats....

the ewes can smell the grain...they are waiting patiently.......
sneaking up a little bit closer.....

These ewes are having two lambs, there is very little room left inside their body for food, so the food they eat MUST BE GOOD!

While the grain goes into the feeders I find something fun to do.

ZOOM.....ZOOM in my aeroplane!

Dad is also serving up some food for the nasty foxes...we don't need them around while the ewes are having their babies. No, no, NO!

PopPop's oats is up and away, the seeds have grown very quickly.

It seems the everything is enjoying this beautiful weather.

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