Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farwell, Goodbye!

All our cows are being mustered up, time for them to say so long, farewell, goodbye to their babies.

Their babies are now nine months old and weigh about 300kg.
 So they are big enough to look after themselves. A bit like me really!
 They can eat grass and do not need so much milk anymore. 
And their mothers need to prepare for the arrival of their new babies, in July and August.

We call the babies, "weaner calves".
They need some special attention before they head back to the paddock.

A needle for diseases and a drench for worms.

 A pen full of weaner calves.
They will really miss their mums, BUT there comes a time when everyone must go it alone!
The calves will spend a few days in the yards. We will feed them hay.

The cows also get a little attention to, some of them need a drench.

And the cows that do not have a calf growing inside are drafted off to go to the cattle sale!

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