Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well the rain has just kept coming all summer and the grass has just kept growing. All the animals on the farm are fat and happy. We have poll hereford cattle on our farm they are red and white. They are grown for beef, and make good steaks!
Today we have weighed the steers (they are the boys.) They have grown up very big, they are 18 months old and the very best of them weigh 550 kilograms, they are ready to sell. Dad and PopPop have loaded them on the truck and are heading to the saleyards. They will be sold tomorrow.

I love riding in the truck with Dad on the farm, I can't wait until I am bigger and go all the way to the saleyards.

 The steers sold for $1.96 per kilogram and they weighed 513kilograms at the saleyards. PopPop is very happy!

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