Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegie patch

Mum and I have a vegie patch each. We grow all sorts of vegies, but this summer mum's vegie patch is full of watermelons and pumpkins. The watermelons are enormous, I can't even lift them! They are not quite ripe yet, it is very hard to tell when a watermelon is ready to pick...... I am looking forward to eating them, YUMMY in my TUMMY!

I have a little patch of strawberries growing,the only problem is they don't grow fast enough. Most of the time I eat them straight from the plant, they are so good! Sometimes the bugs beat me and eat all the best ones and that makes me mad.


  1. Wow, those strawberries look delicious! We can't stop the birds from eating ours. Do you have any tips?

  2. My strawberries don't stay on the plant very long.....I check them and eat them everyday.
    My PopPop uses special netting over his, it keeps the birds out BUT not the little girl!


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