Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where does a Little Farmer go for Fun?

A farm of course..... but a farm where all of my dreams came true!

A special surprise from Mum and Dad a weekend of horse riding lessons.

We travelled to a farm near O'Connell, not that far from Bathurst in New South Wales.

Yarrabin Guest Property, a farm with lots and lots of horses plus a few other animals. Chooks, pigs, sheep, dogs and  some very playful kittens.

I had lessons on three different horses: Milo, Coco, and Jock.

Milo is a pony. I learnt how to brush Milo, put his rug and saddle on, and lead him.
I also learnt how to be safe around the horses and that you must always wear a helmet.

I spent alot of time on Coco. Coco was a much bigger horse and very quiet. 
I learnt how to steer, and stop Coco in the round yard.
We even did a little trotting, that is hard to do!
Up, down, up down.

The next day I rode a horse called Jock even bigger.

I learnt lots about riding and looking after horses.
There is alot to know!
Riding is a little bit harder than I thought, sometimes the horse has a mind of its own.
Jock was a little hard to tell what to do, sometimes he was more interested in eating grass.
We went for two trail rides on the farm. I rode Coco one day and Jock the next day.
Coco was my favourite.

I was very sad to leave Yarrabin and our host/teacher Annie.
BUT I did get to take home a very special thing.....
one of Coco's horse shoes.

Hopefully I will go back to Yarrabin soon, it was the best place for a little farm holiday!

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